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The Scars that Have Shaped Me Book Review

I reserved this book at the library expecting a thick, biographical book that would be the most profound book I'd ever read about suffering. What I picked up instead was a relatively small book that reads like a devotional. But I was right about one thing---it's a pretty profound. The Scars the Have Shaped Me:… Continue reading The Scars that Have Shaped Me Book Review

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Hope for the Holidays

It's common knowledge that the holidays are generally a happy time. "The most wonderful time of the year," they say. But sometimes it can be a very painful, hard time for people. I just wanted to give a quick reminder that even though this season can be painful for many of us, Christmas is the… Continue reading Hope for the Holidays


On Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Today I'm going to share some exerts from a book I'm reading by Elisabeth Elliot, and some thoughts of my own afterwards. They are all primarily about suffering and God's sovereign hand in it. I pray that these words will encourage you this morning. "Have you noticed those two verses in Psalm 147 that juxtapose… Continue reading On Suffering and the Sovereignty of God


An Inspiring Story

Today I want to share a story with you all. This story has really impacted me in the past few years. In eighth grade, I took a public speaking class from a youth pastor (at the time) called Jake Goetze (pronounced: Gert- za). At the time, it had been only about three or four months… Continue reading An Inspiring Story

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3 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe (and the Truth that Destroys Them) (Part 3)

Welcome to post #3 of this series! If you missed numbers one and two, you can read them here and here, respectively. Lie #3--- "When we wallow in our sin, it lessens the power of the blood of Jesus' sacrifice." First, let me just say: Don't believe it! I think we buy into this lie in… Continue reading 3 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe (and the Truth that Destroys Them) (Part 3)


God With Us

There are only nine days until Christmas. It is officially Christmas time! (Like, seriously... my sister's been counting down the days for literally three months. But still.) But just because it's Christmas time doesn't mean that our troubles will really go "miles away," like the song says. Some of us aren't feeling very merry this year.… Continue reading God With Us