Daughter of the King

I've got a song for you today. This is definitely in my top ten when it comes to songs--and I have a lot of favorite songs. Please, please take the time to listen to this song--it's so beautiful. We all have insecurities. (I know I do.) Some of us are just really good at hiding… Continue reading Daughter of the King


Only What’s Done for Christ…

The 23rd Winter Olympics ended on Sunday. With 2,800 athletes representing nearly a hundred countries, this was a huge, worldwide event. My family likes to watch the figure skating. As in, that's  pretty much the only thing we watch. The other day we were watching the figure skating (of course) as Alina Zagitova, the tiny,… Continue reading Only What’s Done for Christ…


On Suffering and the Sovereignty of God

Today I'm going to share some exerts from a book I'm reading by Elisabeth Elliot, and some thoughts of my own afterwards. They are all primarily about suffering and God's sovereign hand in it. I pray that these words will encourage you this morning. "Have you noticed those two verses in Psalm 147 that juxtapose… Continue reading On Suffering and the Sovereignty of God