An Update on Harley

Maybe you remember my post back in November about our new dog, Harley Banks. Well, I haven't written very much about him at all since then, so I thought I would give you a lovely little update on our sweet dog. 🙂 AKA... I didn't have anything profound to write about and I wanted to… Continue reading An Update on Harley


Snow Day!

Yesterday it snowed. And when I say it snowed, I mean it snowed. Eight whole inches, maybe more. And trust me, that's a lot where I come from. I woke up yesterday morning to a beautiful sight out of my bedroom window: my backyard, covered in snow. We haven't had snow like that in a long time. It was… Continue reading Snow Day!


Chickens, Teacups & Mountain Lions (or, My Year So Far)

I'm back! I don't mean to be cliche, but I realize that I haven't posted in over two weeks... and not one post since 2017! So, first I must apologize. Now that that's over with, I'll start right off by telling you all about my year so far. 🙂 First things first, chickens! Back in December, we… Continue reading Chickens, Teacups & Mountain Lions (or, My Year So Far)