Used by God

I learn by watching people. I love to look at godly Christian women and marvel at what God has done in their lives. If you asked me directly I could give you the names of a dozen people I look up to and the qualities that I admire in them. But watching them has often… Continue reading Used by God


Simplifying Things

I am an overthinker. I am also a perfectionist. That is a bad combination. So often I turn my life into a giant checklist. As soon as I've messed up and missed a box, I mentally give up on the day... after all, it's not going to be perfect. And then I over-analyze and feel… Continue reading Simplifying Things


God Will Do What He Says (In Spite of Me)

This morning I read Luke 1 and was struck with how similar I am to Zacharias. Let me give a rundown of this story: A priest goes into the Holy of Holies. An angel comes. The angel tells the priest he and his wife are going to have a kid. The priest doesn't believe him.… Continue reading God Will Do What He Says (In Spite of Me)


10 Things That Happen When I Don’t Read My Bible

Alright guys, I'm just going to be honest right now. I am really inconsistent at reading my Bible. It has been one of my biggest struggles for years. That's hard to tell you guys, because I feel a bit like I just labeled myself as an ultra-lousy Christian. I mean, seriously... reading your Bible is… Continue reading 10 Things That Happen When I Don’t Read My Bible


The Things I Forget about God’s Love

Do you have family that lives far away? Or maybe a really close friend? I do. Both of my sets of grandparents live in Colorado, and so do most of my cousins. That's 1,300 miles away from where I live! Of all the very best friends I've had over the years (about 5), 3 of… Continue reading The Things I Forget about God’s Love


An Inspiring Story

Today I want to share a story with you all. This story has really impacted me in the past few years. In eighth grade, I took a public speaking class from a youth pastor (at the time) called Jake Goetze (pronounced: Gert- za). At the time, it had been only about three or four months… Continue reading An Inspiring Story

Summer Songs, Uncategorized

Summer Songs- Forgiven

Because I'm going on vacation (I leave tomorrow!), but I still want to be able to post here regularly, I'm introducing a new "series" called Summer Songs. I'm going to post a new song twice a week or so, plus some lovely commentary by me about how much I love the song, bla bla bla.… Continue reading Summer Songs- Forgiven


God With Us

There are only nine days until Christmas. It is officially Christmas time! (Like, seriously... my sister's been counting down the days for literally three months. But still.) But just because it's Christmas time doesn't mean that our troubles will really¬†go "miles away," like the song says. Some of us aren't feeling very merry this year.… Continue reading God With Us

Things to Remember

1 Thing to Remember When You’re Striving

  Are you striving? Are you working hard for things that you just aren't getting? Are you struggling, fighting, and exhausting yourself, trying to fix what's wrong with yourself and improve your life? Trying to be there for those around you? Trying to be who you know you need to be? We've all been there.… Continue reading 1 Thing to Remember When You’re Striving

Things to Remember

4 Things to Remember When You Want to Worry

Hello, everyone! Welcome to post #2 of the November series, Things to Remember. (Here's #1, if you missed it. ūüôā ) This time I'm addressing that lovely thing called worry that plagues so many of us. I know I've struggled with worry, and I have to remind myself of these things¬†constantly... especially on a day… Continue reading 4 Things to Remember When You Want to Worry