You Will Never Be Worthy (But Jesus Is)

Sometimes I feel discouraged by reading the New Testament. There are 1,050 commands in the New Testament alone, complete with seventy-four things to be and thirty things to not be... Do you ever look at even a few and realize that, even as a Christian, saved by grace, loved by Jesus, walking in the light-- you… Continue reading You Will Never Be Worthy (But Jesus Is)


Jesus Prays for You

It's the night of the Last Supper. Jesus has just finished washing his disciples feet, predicting who will betray Him, and giving a long talk to His disciples, covering everything from the Holy Spirit to foretelling His death and resurrection. And then, Jesus lifts his eyes up to heaven and offers up what we now… Continue reading Jesus Prays for You


The Best Description of Believers

Hello everyone! How's February treating you? Don't worry, there's only a little over one month until spring is finally here... But until then, it's back to cold days! (At least here... today its 36 degrees with a low of 28.) The sad part is, its never quite cold enough for snow, only to make my… Continue reading The Best Description of Believers