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Monthly Round-Up— July Edition

I can't believe I'm doing it... but I'm going to publish two posts in one day! That's mainly because I forgot about my monthly round-up until just now... but better late than never, right? 1. Blueberry Chocolate Scones, by Wicked Spatula- I've made these scones three times in a little less than two weeks. They… Continue reading Monthly Round-Up— July Edition

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A Busy Week — And More Posts to Come!

How's everyone's summers going? Mine has been good, but busy! In this post, I'm going to tell you about what I've been doing lately and giving you a run-down of the posts to come in the next few days. (Because there are posts to come!) First off, toward the end of June, I got my driver's… Continue reading A Busy Week — And More Posts to Come!