Why I Write This Blog

Have you ever felt discouraged as you do what you believe you're called to do? Maybe you don't feel appreciated as a mother of young (or old!) children. Maybe you never got that raise at your job. Maybe your evangelism efforts always seem to fail, or your classmates still scoff at you when you stand… Continue reading Why I Write This Blog

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Five More Ways Spring Gives Me Hope

I know I said that my last post would probably be the last in my spring series, but I couldn't resist doing a part two. I like spring a lot more than I realized! 🙂 Also, I just realized I forgot the most hope-giving part of spring in part one (which you should go read right now… Continue reading Five More Ways Spring Gives Me Hope


Promises: Fulfilled and Awaited

I suppose everyone's tired of Christmas by now. Maybe no one wants to hear me ramble on about Christmas one more time. "Christmas is over," you're all saying. "Move on with your life." But this post isn't strictly about Christmas, so here goes. (Actually: I wrote this post on Christmas morning and never got around… Continue reading Promises: Fulfilled and Awaited