Why I Write This Blog

Have you ever felt discouraged as you do what you believe you're called to do? Maybe you don't feel appreciated as a mother of young (or old!) children. Maybe you never got that raise at your job. Maybe your evangelism efforts always seem to fail, or your classmates still scoff at you when you stand… Continue reading Why I Write This Blog

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I’m-a-Failure Syndrome

Have you ever suffered from "I'm-a-failure syndrome"? I do. I know the symptoms well: everything makes me feel like a failure. This is how my thought process ends up going--- I lost patience with my younger sibling. I must be a failure. My room is a mess. I must be a failure. I can never… Continue reading I’m-a-Failure Syndrome

Things to Remember

5 Things to Remember When You Feel Like a Failure

Welcome to the very first post in the Things to Remember series! As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm going to be doing this series this November so that I can keep growing my blog while I'm busy. 🙂 This one hits close to home for me. To be honest, this is one of… Continue reading 5 Things to Remember When You Feel Like a Failure