Snowed In

Well, this is my seventh snow day in a row so far. I haven’t gone to my school’s campus since February 1st, almost two weeks ago!

And this is not common for my area, where we get an average of 6.5 inches of snow a year. We’ve had several times that just in the past few days!

We are so unprepared for the snow here (my family specifically). As soon as it accumulated a few inches, my siblings and I tugged on our raincoats and rainboots and trudged outside. The other day we “shoveled” our driveway with a large piece of plywood and a few rakes. My little sister sledded down our hill on a cardboard box. I mean, it makes sense– we got about three inches of snow last year, total.

Plus, our chicken coop collapsed on top of our chickens yesterday. (None of the chickens were hurt, just a little spooked.)

I’m not going to draw a grand spiritual message out of this snow experience. (If you want one of those, you can go read this post.) For now, I’m just going to wish everyone a happy, safe, warm snow day and remind you to check back soon– new things may be coming. 🙂

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