How Homeschool Prepared Me for College (plus 2-Year Anniversary!)

So I had a big blog post planned today, but then I logged onto my blog and saw that it was my two-year anniversary! So, wow… I feel like I’ve come a long way. 🙂 I “celebrated” big time last year (see some of those here, here and here)… I think this year is just going to be pretty “low-key.”

Also, this is my 103 post… so, yeah, that’s exciting, but I’m a little sad that I totally missed my 100th! 😦 But, I do have an actual post for today, so never fear!

Everyone told me that college would be so different from high school.

  • “The workload is so much bigger.”
  • “It’s hard to manage your time.”
  • “You never get enough sleep.”

And, considering that this is my first time ever experiencing a state-run school, you can imagine the adjustment.

Surprisingly, I feel a bit misled. It’s not anyone’s fault, of course. Those who prepare kids for college are preparing your standard public school high school student for a standard college experience. Not preparing a homeschooled-all-my-life high school student for a dual credit college experience while still in high school. But I digress.

I’m going to describe how being homeschooled all the way up through high school has helped prepare me for college:


Once upon a time, there were two English teachers. One of them taught at a college that meets every day at 9:30. The other one taught at a homeschool co-op that met for one hour a week, every Friday at 9:30. Now riddle me this: who’s going to give the better quality of instruction in the time they have, the first or the second? I’m going to give you a hint: I’ve spent my entire life in the latter situation, and we’ve learned more in an hour than my college English class teaches in 5 hours. Why? The more you have of something, the more likely you are to waste it. And when a class meets every single day, they have time to burn.


Today in English my teacher spent about 20 minutes un-teaching writing rules that the other students had been taught in high school. Rules like “paragraphs must be between 3-5 sentences.” Rules that had never been strictly imposed on me in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I had my share of “take out that contraction,” but there was always an understanding that as long as it was good writing, the rules were subjective. I was also warned of not having the work handed to me in little chunks–instead, the teacher gives a broad “do this by next week.” This is right up my alley! When your classes meet once a week, the work is always due “next Friday” or “next Monday,” and then you have to figure out how to manage your time from there.

Classroom Styles

At co-op, we sit on chairs behind tables. At home, we sit at chairs behind tables. At college, we sit at chairs behind tables (most of the time). Why did I think it would be so different?

Now, I know there are a lot of differences and adjustments, and I also know that I’m only going to a commuter school that was a community college only a few years ago, and I’m still living at home and all that– but this is just my analysis of how the literal college classroom and coursework (so far) is similar.

What are some of the differences?

  • Bigger classes (I’m used to 6-20, these are at least 30)
  • Every day (versus once a week)
  • A giant campus that’s not in a home or a church…
  • Non-Christian teachers and classmates (and all that comes with it)
  • Non-Christian material (so, evolution in Biology and Freud in Psych)

Those are just a few–but honestly I thought there would be so many more. Homeschool moms, keep it up–your kids will be able to survive college just fine with the training you’re giving them right now.

Stay tuned for more updates! And, to celebrate my blog’s 2nd birthday, comment your favorite post!


(Disclaimer: I know that homeschooling isn’t unique to Christianity… but it was a big part of my experience. I also know that my opinions are going to change drastically as the year progresses. I understand that this isn’t a full college experience, just a part of it. And I totally respect every single person in public schools and private schools and whatnot… this is just my experience, not an attempt to knock anyone else’s. 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “How Homeschool Prepared Me for College (plus 2-Year Anniversary!)”

  1. Congratulations! Your blog is such a blessing to everyone who reads it!!!One of my favorite posts is “You know you’re a homeschooler if…”
    That one is so relatable and funny! And very true… 🙂


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