Why I Write This Blog

Have you ever felt discouraged as you do what you believe you’re called to do? Maybe you don’t feel appreciated as a mother of young (or old!) children. Maybe you never got that raise at your job. Maybe your evangelism efforts always seem to fail, or your classmates still scoff at you when you stand up for what you believe. Whatever it is… it just isn’t seeming to work out.

Sometimes I feel that way with this blog here. I used to count my followers and views and everything. I would get so discouraged on those days that I only got three views. Then I would launch onto these long spurts of not writing, because, really, what’s the point?

I’ve changed my perspective these past few months, and there are three main reasons why. 

First, I realized that this isn’t the be-all, end-all of my ministry for my entire life. It’s a place where I can discipline myself to write on a regular basis, and learn to express myself in a decently safe place. Think about it: how much extra pressure would be on my shoulders if I knew that every time I hit publish, 10 million people would read it? Everything I said would be virtually un-erasable. As I like to say, this blog is my “faithful in little.” And, maybe one day, I’ll have a “faithful in much.” Maybe it’ll be a blog, maybe it’ll be something else. But whatever it is, I’m in the training ground for it right now.

The second thing I realized came from a quote by John MacArthur. He said, “Take care of the depth of your ministry and God will take care of the breadth of your ministry.” How many of us have seen youth groups or ministries or mega-churches that spend so much time making the masses want to flock to their churches that the actual sermons are barely more than inspirational stories? Sure, there are a lot of people there but are they hearing a quality message? Are they being encouraged as much as they could be? If you take care to preach the gospel in all its glorious Truth, God will take care of how many people hear it. You can trust Him on that one.

This leads to my third realization, which is the one I kind of knew all along. Even if my blog blesses only one person, it has fulfilled its purpose. Of the couple dozen (on a good week) people that read these little articles, maybe one person is blessed. Maybe one person praises God. Maybe one person comes a little closer to God. And that’s enough. Or, maybe grow closer to God through that post. Maybe it gives me a little clarity. Maybe it’s a good outlet for me to praise God. And that’s enough, too. (We all know I am a big advocate of preaching the gospel to yourself.)

So, those are the reasons I keep up with this blog. I’m pretty proud of my streak of posting in 2018 (all except that one unfortunate week), but ultimately, I’m glad that I’ll have this large amount of posts to look back on one day. Who knows? Maybe if I make it big one day, people will look back at this blog and say, “She had to be faithful in little before she could have such a big platform.” Or not. You never know. 🙂


1 thought on “Why I Write This Blog”

  1. May I suggest a fourth realization? There is always One reader of your blog. And if He is reading your blog, and if He is pleased by the post as it manifests your heart, could you really desire more? Is not He your primary and ultimate readership? And, as brother MacArthur indicates, if He is pleased, and if He wills to use your post in His hands for His purposes for His glory and for the blessing of others then can there be any doubt that exactly the right people, sooner or later, will be impacted by the blog? “Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. (Mat 10:29) He’s absolutely sovereign, over sparrows, over your readership, over the universe.


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