“Heaven (Fix Things)” Song

My laptop is having technical difficulties (as in, it hasn’t turned on in a week) and our internet has been down all day, so I have a very short post for you guys. I’m just going to share this song that I really love, called “Heaven (Fix Things)” by Jamie Grace.

A little backstory: Jamie Grace wrote this for her mom, who has chronic pain that the doctors can’t explain. Jamie Grace herself has multiple trials, including OCD, ADD, and Tourette’s Syndrome. So as you watch this video, remember that this isn’t written from a place of everything being perfect. This is written from a place of deep hurt.


That doesn’t change that for every single believer, no matter how perfect or lousy their life is going, heaven is a very real hope.

I hope this song encourages you as much as it encourages me!

Until next Tuesday…


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