An Update on Harley

Maybe you remember my post back in November about our new dog, Harley Banks. Well, I haven’t written very much about him at all since then, so I thought I would give you a lovely little update on our sweet dog. 🙂

AKA… I didn’t have anything profound to write about and I wanted to show you some pictures of my puppy. 🙂 (I know this is going to be a dinky post, but I thought a little something is better than taking the Tuesday off.)

He has been doing beautifully. He is such a happy puppy, so sweet. We have been training him to “wait,” “sit,” and “come.” He’s not very good at come…. unless you have chicken or a dog treat in hand. He has grown a lot; he’s almost 11 pounds now, and still growing. He’s a faster runner than anyone else in the family, and has way more energy.

And… he got his first haircut. We like it a little longer, but we still think he’s still adorable.


Anyway… it’s been fun. And he’s just so cute, I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures and hearing a little about our new member of the family.

See you next Tuesday!

P.S. He smiles! 20180211_173237

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