Is the Sovereignty of God Actually Applicable to Our Daily Lives?

The topic of God’s sovereignty has been coming up in my life an awful lot in the past few days. From studying Romans 8 in BSF to a discussion of God’s sovereignty on the soccer field, this topic has been in the back (and often the front) of my mind quite a bit this week.

But “the sovereignty of God” can sound so very big and intimidating, which brings up a question: Is the sovereignty of God actually applicable to out daily lives?

The short answer: absolutely!

But maybe I should go into it a bit more than that. (Otherwise this would be a really short blog post.)

In my own personal walk with God, I’ve found the sovereignty of God to be one of the most foundational truths to my daily life. If I didn’t believe that God was totally sovereign, that “it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand” (Proverbs 19:21), my entire faith would be shaken.

Probably the most comforting thing in the world is to realize that a believer’s salvation rests totally on God, and not on us at all. This, of course, is because He is totally sovereign, and He “works all things according to the counsel of His will” (Ephesians 1:11). God is the One who chooses, justifies, sanctifies, keeps, and glorifies believers. He is sovereign over our being saved in the first place… and He is sovereign over keeping us and bringing us to glory in heaven with Jesus. Do you see how comforting it is to see that our being saved doesn’t rely on us choosing God… and our being glorified doesn’t rely on us our being perfect until we die? It relies on God choosing us, and God keeping us.

I know, I know. All that sounds so spiritual. What I really mean is this.

If God wasn’t sovereign, I wouldn’t be able to sleep because I’d be worrying about anything and everything from getting good grades to maybe getting cancer one day.

If God wasn’t sovereign, I would fear for the future and obsess over whether or not I am “on the right path.”

If God wasn’t sovereign, I wouldn’t have any confidence about the surety of my own salvation because of my spiritual shortcomings.

If God wasn’t sovereign, I would have no hope for an awful lot of relationships that would be totally hopeless if God could not redeem them.

If God wasn’t sovereign, I would be terrified of a terrorist attack or persecution or disease or a nuclear war.

If God wasn’t sovereign, I would be a lot more messed up than I am right now…….

Do you see what removing the sovereignty of God does? It breeds fear, striving, insecurity, discouragement, and despair.

On the other side of the coin, believing in the sovereignty of God—believing that “our God is in the heavens; He does all that He pleases” (Psalm 115:3)— gives peace, rest, confidence, encouragement, and hope.

I’ve written about God’s sovereignty before (see this post, this post, this post, this post, and this post). I’ve talked about it a lot in my friend circles and especially with my family. But I feel like a lot of people dismiss the sovereignty of God as “one of those topics” that’s kinda important as a theological topic, but doesn’t really apply to our salvation and certainly not to our daily lives.

But I beg to differ. God being sovereign is Him being God. And only because God is God am I able to walk free, knowing that He has me in the palm of His hand, knowing that every hair of my head is numbered, and knowing that nothing can touch me that is outside of His sovereign will. Only because God is God am I able to sleep peacefully, have even a smidgen of confidence, and have peace, joy and hope.

So hold onto God’s sovereignty today, as a pillar of strength for you to cling to, or as a victory banner to raise over your head. God’s sovereignty is sustaining us in every single moment— I think that makes it applicable to our daily lives, don’t you?

“God is God. Because He is God, He is worthy of my trust and obedience. I will find rest nowhere but in His holy will, a will that is unspeakably beyond my largest notions of what He is up to” (Elisabeth Elliot).

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