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Fun Facts About My Blog

Welcome to part 2 of my week-long “birthday bash” series, celebrating my blog’s first anniversary! Today I’m going to share some fun facts about my blog.

  1. I have written 58 posts to date… including this one.
  2. I got the most views ever on May 15, 2017… the day that my mom shared my post, Motherhood— Worth It, on Facebook. As far as views go, that post has the most to date.
  3. I wrote pretend blog posts in a huge Word document for six months before actually starting my blog.
  4. The thing that gave me the nudge to actually start my blog was that I discovered my friend Sam had a blog of her own.
  5. I have never been able to figure out my “niche”.
  6. There’s a reason I’ve never included a picture of myself or my last name… my dad thinks it’s wise for privacy/security reasons. šŸ™‚
  7. My current theme is called Sela. I have changed looks several times, however.
  8. I am inspired to write my blog by all the people who read it. Whenever someone tells me that it impacted them, it make me want to write another blog post.
  9. I have had views from 29 countries, including Albania, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and many more.
  10. My blog is most popular in the U.S. (obviously šŸ™‚ ), but I’m next most popular in the Philippines (26 views), India (13), and United Kingdom (12).
  11. I have 3,616 views total in the history of my blog.
  12. I have had 832 visitors… that’s 832 separate people who’ve read my blog.

There you go! Some nice little fun facts about my blog. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! Until then… šŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Fun Facts About My Blog”

  1. Fantastic post! I get the security thing – my dad is careful about that, which I inherited (to an extent, of course).

    I think you definitely have a “niche” – your blog as a whole, from your writing style, to your posts, to your theme, it all screams you. This might not make much sense, but I think everything you’re posting now may just be your niche. šŸ™‚

    Can’t wait for the next post, and happy blogiversary!


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