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Monthly Round-Up: August Edition

Happy End of August, everyone! Summer is nearly over, and the school year is getting ready to start up again. Here are some articles and things I’ve enjoyed this August.

1. Satan’s Ten Strategies Against You, by John Piper- Great, great post. Really powerful, and a great reminder that we are in a spiritual war.

2. If Beauty Becomes Your Greatest Enemy, by Bethany Baird- This one is really practical and encouraging. I love Bethany’s posts, especially on her own blog, GirlDefined.

3. Why Joni Eareckson Tada Wants to Bring her Wheelchair to Heaven, from the Gospel Coalition- This is just beautiful. This is the lesson we all have to learn… leaning on Jesus. Just listen to this quote from Mrs. Tada: “I find it so poignant that finally at the point when I do have the use of my arms to wipe away my own tears, I won’t have to, because God will.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

4. God is Always Doing 10,000 Things in Your Life, by John Piper- Very inspiring post! This one was originally for New Years, but it also applies to the new school year (and every time of life).

5. UberChristian: The Rideshare App Exclusively for Christians: My dad loves this video. It’s actually really funny… 🙂

So, I hope you enjoy those links! Have a wonderful last day of August… If anyone has any fun summer articles or videos they’d like to share with me below, please do so in the comments! 🙂


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