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Summer Songs– Healer

Welcome back to Summer Songs! I hope you’re having a good August so far.

Today I’m going to share a lovely song with all of you…

(if you’re reading this on email, click this link to see the video)

Isn’t this beautiful? I love the lyrics, but I also love how beautifully this song builds to the bridge.

This song makes me think of all the people I know who are sick (as in, legitimately sick), and how, even as, outwardly, they waste away, inwardly they are being renewed. This, I realize, is what it looks like for God to be our Healer. So much more than being physically healed, God heals us spiritually.

And as I listen to this song, I praise God for the hope that is extended to us as Christians. It reminds me that if God is for us, who can be against us? We have nothing to fear with God as our great Healer.

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