An Inspiring Story

Today I want to share a story with you all. This story has really impacted me in the past few years.

In eighth grade, I took a public speaking class from a youth pastor (at the time) called Jake Goetze (pronounced: Gert- za). At the time, it had been only about three or four months since his young daughter, Magnolia, passed away from a rare form of brain cancer found only in children.

He was a good teacher, one of my favorites. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t start crying in the middle of class sometimes. His loss was too fresh for him not to.

The first day, he had the whole class go around and say what they were most afraid of. When one boy said, “Death,” Mr. Goetze said, “I used to be afraid of death. But now I’m not. Not anymore.”

He went on to plant a church in the two-ish years since his daughter passed away. (His family is also expecting another baby right now, in addition the little girl who’s a bit older and the baby boy who was born months before Maggie passed away.)

Anyway, I wanted to share his story with you, because it is so very touching to me. It is rather long, and very sad (I cry every time I listen to it), but very good. I hope you’ll make time to hear this beautiful story of God’s goodness.

(if you’re reading this on email, click this link to view the video)




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