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9 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Your Tonsils Out

If you’ve read my previous post, and the one a few weeks before that one, you already know that I have been having “tonsil issues” for the past few months. And now, as of last Tuesday, my tonsils are no more.


But in this post, I’m going to give some lovely little tips for if/when you get your tonsils out. So, without further ado, here are nine things you need to know before getting your tonsils out:

1. It’s not that bad…

You will survive. Really. At least, I did. (So far. 🙂 ) Because I had already experienced two peritonsillar abscesses, I was able to put my pain into perspective… it wasn’t as bad as the abscesses. It was (is?) pretty bad, but not that bad. 🙂 It feels a lot like a severe sore throat, and I could feel the two scabs on either side of my tongue at the back of my throat.

2. Coughing hurts.

Seriously, people. Don’t cough. It hurts worse than just about anything at this point. Enough said about that.

3. Ice cream helps.

Now, I’m just a little bit biased… but I think ice cream is one of the very best parts of this. It is so hard—at least, in the beginning— to eat anything that’s not cold and practically liquid. So the best thing is ice cream! Smoothies, too, and soup and even mashed potatoes… but mostly ice cream. 🙂

4.  Drink water!

That’s what every doctor, nurse and website says. Drink water! Drink water! Drink water! The main reason is to prevent the scab from bleeding, but there are other reasons, too, like keeping the scab moist so it won’t crack. This one is important. My doctor even told me, “The medicine we’re giving you isn’t to make all the pain go away. It’s to get you to a place where you’re able to drink.” And let me tell you, it gets pretty hard to drink water. Day one, it was easy. By days three and four, it hurt really bad, every time I swallowed. But you have to do it!

5. Have people pray for you.

All throughout my minor surgery and recovery, I have been surrounded so beautifully by people who genuinely care about me, who love me, and who have been praying for me so faithfully. I have received emails and letters from close to a dozen people… and each of them said they would pray for me. And it has been such a blessing! Not only all that, though. On Sunday (two days before my surgery), my mom shared the prayer request and my whole church prayed for me. I have no doubt that God answered our prayers, and I thank Him for all the people who’ve prayed for me. 🙂

6. Accept support.

This one can be harder for some of us who like to be strong and independent. And, to be honest, I don’t always do a very good job of this. But it is so helpful when I do. Nothing huge, just small things that add up. It can be as simple as letting my dad wake me up at midnight to give me my medicine. Or letting my mom make me a smoothie. Or accepting the flowers that my friend brought me, or the Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen… Okay, I had absolutely no trouble accepting either of those two. But still. 🙂 Accept help when others offer.

7.  Rest…

It’s okay to rest. I’ve written about this before. And this is another thing I need to be better about… because resting and wasting time and being lazy are totally different… but its fine to rest. In fact, it’s necessary to rest! This is an important one. Just don’t waste time (I’m preaching to myself here… I need God’s help on this one!).

8. Brushing your teeth hurts.

Ouch. Part of this is literal discomfort, but a lot of it is also me being slightly paranoid that I’m going to pop some stitches or something. But really… I would say “avoid it if you can,” but that’s not a good idea. Just… be careful. 🙂

9. Tonsils are not teeth.

Now, don’t laugh at me, but I used to think tonsils were teeth. Like, probably five or more years ago. Anyway, once I finally figured out that tonsils are not teeth… yeah, that rocked my world a little bit. 🙂

So there you go… nine things you need to know about getting a tonsillectomy. I hope you enjoyed it! I understand that this post may not seem very applicable to all of my readers, but I think some of these can be useful, even for those who still have their tonsils and would like to keep them. (Example: We can all use some encouragement to rest, use our time wisely, etc.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Special thanks to everyone who’s supported me after my tonsillectomy! I really appreciate you guys. 🙂

Until next time…

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