Permission to Rest

It’s the beginning of June, which—to me—always seem to signal the beginning of summer. And so begins my first summer post.

It was the last day of class at my homeschool co-op. My teacher has us go around and say what we had planned for the summer. One kid’s answer was, “Nothing much.”

My teacher leaned back in his chair. “That is perfectly fine,” he said. “Young people, this summer you have permission to rest.”

I thought about what my teacher said for days afterward. Permission to rest. Not to be lazy, but to slow down.

“My wife and I have found,” my teacher said, “that on days where we’re busy and going fast, life flies by. But when we slow down and just putter around the house, the day is longer. Life goes by at the speed at which you live it.”

Life is so short. So many people encourage young people to get out and do in the summer, but my admonition is the opposite. I encourage you to take a moment, a day or two to rest this summer. Not to lay around and watch TV, or waste time or be lazy. No, simply to slow down, take a breather, let yourself soak in a moment of the life God has given you today.

Enjoy that ice cream cone, that fresh-picked vegetable, that evening out.

Savor the moments of family togetherness, time with friends, no school.

Relish the sun—even if hot weather is not your cup of tea.

Laugh, smile, have fun.

Spend time with God and get to know Him better.

Use some of that extra time to invest in studying your Bible or praying.

Resting doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything all summer. No, you can get the job, take that vacation, help out your neighbor, go to camp. But before making all those commitments, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Am I over-scheduling myself, or will I have time to rest?
  2. Will this encourage me in godliness, or will it be a distraction?

And pray about it, too. As Elisabeth Elliot says, “There is always time for the will of God.” Sometimes that means making sacrifices, but Jesus is worth it.

So, with that, I leave you to start enjoying your summer! (Now, I know it’s true that June doesn’t begin until late June, but summer is already here as far as I’m concerned!)

4 thoughts on “Permission to Rest”

  1. Makenna, this is such a great reminder! Sometimes the end of school is just as stressful as the beginning, just in different ways. I hope to be able to get to know God a lot more this summer, and taking time to be in His word is something I really need to work on. Thanks for ANOTHER great post!


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