Monthly Round-Up

Monthly Round-Up — May Edition

I’m going to introduce a new feature on the blog, called the monthly round-up, in which I will share articles, videos, recipes, etc., that have blessed me or made me laugh in the past month. I’ll start small… but as the weeks march on, I hope to collect more and more things to share with everyone. Enjoy! 

1. The Sin of Insecurity– This one is convicting! But so good. Definitely worth a read.

2. Releasing the Pressure Valve of Perfectionism– You have to read this one. Even if you don’t consider yourself a perfectionist, just read it. It is so, so good. As a perfectionist (or recovering perfectionist) myself, this one is so helpful to me. Read it, please! 

3. Homemade Baked Chocolate Donuts– Mmm… These are yummy. I made them as mini donuts, and covered them in multi-colored sprinkles. So delicious! 

4. Allergy-Friendly Almond Flour Donuts– All you need for this recipe is four ingredients and a donut pan! Granted, these are nowhere near as good as donuts made with regular ingredients (they’re a lot flatter, and you have to add way more honey than the recipe calls for), my mom, who has lots of allergies, loved them. Especially with a little glaze… As far as allergy-friendly food goes, they’re pretty good. 🙂

5. Daddy-Daughter Duet– This one is adorable. So sweet! My mom was in tears the first time we watched it… and the second time, too. 🙂 

6. Motherhood– Worth It My most popular post to date was the one my mom shared on her Facebook. I’ve been blessed by seeing God use this post so widely to encourage others. 

That’s all for this month! If you check out any of these links, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you read/looked at on the list, and if you liked it as much as I did. 

Until next time… God bless you all! 


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