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Something to Remember About Thankfulness


For various reasons, I didn’t do my regularly scheduled post yesterday. I hadn’t thought much of it until, earlier today, I got an email from my sweet friend asking what happened to yesterday’s post. So, for her sake and hers alone (just kidding…), here it is. Better late than never, right? 🙂

All day I’ve been trying to decide what to write, and I’ve finally settled on doing my Thanksgiving post early. Here is something to remember about thankfulness this Thanksgiving.

You may have heard the story of Corrie ten Boom. She was a Christian woman who hid Jews in her home during WWII. She was arrested and imprisoned in concentration camps for years as a result. I have always loved her story. Here is something that I feel pertains particularly to Thanksgiving.

In one concentration camp, Corrie and her sister, Bestie, were imprisoned in a certain barracks that was flea infested. The conditions were horrible, but Betsie insisted that they obey the command to give thanks in all circumstances. They gave thanks for being together, for being alive, for having a Bible.

And they thanked God for the fleas.

As it turned out, that particular barracks was known as the most flea-infested barracks around. Because of that, the guards wouldn’t go near it. This allowed Corrie and Betsie to hold Bible studies with dozens of women, bringing God’s hope even into that dark, dark place.

And why? Because of the fleas.

God knows what He’s doing. When He tells us to give thanks in all circumstances, He’s not kidding—and He knows that we have reasons we’d never imagine to give thanks for all the “fleas” He’s given us.

So as we make our lists of “what we’re thankful for” this Thanksgiving, don’t forget about the fleas. God put those things there for a reason, and who knows? One day, when we look back and see how He used those things for good, we’ll praise God for His goodness in giving us those blessing in disguise.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂



Any comments? Do you have any fleas you can thank God for? I really do love to hear from my readers! Share below!

6 thoughts on “Something to Remember About Thankfulness”

  1. I LOVE Corrie Ten Boom. She’s such an inspiration! I remember reading that bit about the fleas: I laughed, but thankfully I still caught the meaning. I read somewhere that thanking God for the bad things will strengthen your trust in Him, because we’ll begin to realize that He us in control of EVERYTHING, good and bad, and it all points to him. Everything happens for a reason! 🙂

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  2. Wow. Yeah, I sure don’t have the hardships Corrie ten Boom faced. Most of the time I consider my “fleas” to be washing dishes, doing laundry, or homework–things of which should be privileges and not things to be complaining about.

    Although Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to bring to mind things that I’m grateful for, I personally need to remember to always have a constant attitude of thanksgiving towards God, every day of the year (including those “inconveniences” like washing dishes or doing laundry ;)) God’s given me SO MUCH in America…….I should be overwhelmed.

    “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanksgiving;” Colossians 4:2

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