You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…

You know you’re a homeschooler when…

  • You spend the summer before ninth grade reading books about submitting to colleges.
  • Half your hobbies count as classes.
  • Friends’ houses are the perfect places for field trips.
  • Working in the garden is a part of your formal education.
  • You’re in the same class with people years older or younger than you.
  • You never get a letter grade until eighth grade.
  • You’ve never ridden a school bus in your life.
  • You wonder what people do all day in “regular school.”
  • “Fun” and “learning” are practically synonyms.
  • You’re done with school by lunchtime.
  • You have to think twice when asked what grade you’re in… and you still sometimes get it wrong.
  • You never really figured out what recess is.
  • Everything is “educational.”
  • You don’t have any homework… and at the same time, it’s all homework.
  • Sometimes you forget whether it’s a weekday or a weekend.
  • People actually ask you when you see your friends.
  • People say “oh” every time you tell them where you go to school.
  • You still do school when you’re sick or it’s snowing but get off for your birthday.
  • Your mom’s just as excited for summer as you are.
  • You actually know how to talk to people who aren’t in your grade.
  • Your closest friends range from 11-year-olds to 19-year-olds.
  • Most of your field trips are on Saturday so the principal (i.e. your dad) can come along.
  • You take schoolwork with you on vacation.
  • You love school!

Homeschooling is one of my favorite things in the world. Most kids don’t love school, but when you’re homeschooled… how can you help it? 🙂

Do you have something to add to my list? You can do so in the comments below.

19 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…”

  1. How about: “Why aren’t you in school?” – Every cashier I’ve ever met.

    (Hilarious post, I read it aloud to my brothers and they lol’d! SO true, too.)


  2. How about…You know you’re a homeschooler when you ask your mom if you can “slack” on your English curriculum for a month so that you can write a 50,000 word novel. 😊

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  3. I love all of the comments on this page, they’re all so true! Especially those about slacking off for a 50,000 word novel, or your study partner living in another state. 😉


    1. Isn’t that the truth! I have yet to find a program that counts “homeschool” (and all other words related to such) as a real word, including my blog. This comment section doesn’t accept it, either; those squiggly red lines are so annoying. 😉

      Here’s another: you know you’re a homeschooler when your mom bases your English curriculum around your “book club” that only has one other person in it.


  4. Love it! Homeschooling is so amazing! How about, ‘You know you’re a homeschooler when the principal is grading your writing assignments…” :0


  5. – You know you’re a homeschooler when you didn’t know “fall break” existed. (And it doesn’t make sense to you because, hey, school just started!)

    – You know you’re a homeschooler when you receive your first writing assignment on a book you’re not even halfway through yet. (I have a five-page essay on Pride and Prejudice . . .) 🙂


  6. What about: You know you’re a homeschooler when part of your science lesson is watching your dad burn a ping pong ball in your front yard.
    You know you’re a homeschooler when you care about things like watching bunny’s eat the food you put out and waking your little siblings up from nap.


  7. What a great list! They’re all so true. I had to laugh at the one about not knowing what grade you’re in. A few months ago, my son had a doctor appointment, and she asked him what grade he’s in. He hesitated and said, “Umm…9th?” I laughed and said, “No, you’re 9, so you’re in 4th grade.” The doctor must think I’m doing a terrible job. 😳

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