Halloween to the Glory of God

We used to celebrate Halloween. I've dressed up as everything from a doctor to a ballerina to Snow White. One year my sister wanted to dress up as a pink popsicle. My mom made her a costume out of felt, and she was adorable. But now... We've rethought Halloween.  I figured Halloween would be on… Continue reading Halloween to the Glory of God


Football & Freedom

First things first, yes, I am writing a blog post about football. Anyone who knows me knows that this is... well, a little out of character. (I can hear your snickers.) Well, to clear things up, this is a school assignment. And it might actually turn out to be an issue worth thinking about, even… Continue reading Football & Freedom


You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…

You know you’re a homeschooler when… You spend the summer before ninth grade reading books about submitting to colleges. Half your hobbies count as classes. Friends’ houses are the perfect places for field trips. Working in the garden is a part of your formal education. You’re in the same class with people years older or younger… Continue reading You Know You’re a Homeschooler When…